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The office of bruce b. hailstone the voice of real estate provides the quality of information and real estate services you should expect from a full time real estate professional.

The office provides a myriad of services for those interested in buying or selling residential resale homes, land investment, commercial & industrial sales, business opportunities, and even residential and commercial property management! They provide professional estimates of value for probate, divorces, & other reasons.

Office/Contact List:
bruce b. hailstone, broker/owner: hailrock@Qnet.com

assistant to: kelina@hailrock.com

administrative assistant: nicole@hailrock.com

property mgmt. accountant: adam@STSPMI.com

residential property mgmt.: ben@STSPMI.com

commercial property mgmt.:  joe@STSPMI.com

administrative assistants: Karla, Tiffany


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